Types Of Lightsabers

Lightsabers, once considered elegant for a more civilised time, have become a Star Wars symbol, with blood-red Sith lightsabers causing fear and blues and greens representing hope despite their complexity. A lightsaber’s power comes from a rare cyber crystal, and its simple mechanical design makes it more like controlling power than holding a sword. Star Wars canonical projects depict various lightsaber types and battle forms, including those from the original trilogy and Legends.

  • The phantom menace

The Phantom Menace features handcrafted dual-bladed lightsabers created by joining two regular swords. These lightsabers can be used separately or combined, originating from a Jedi training regimen.

  • Lightsaber piker

In “The Force Unleashed,” Count Dooku wields a regular lightsaber with curved hilts alongside a Tonfa-style lightsaber with a right-angle handle.

  • Fusion lightsabers

Ezra Bridger’s lightsaber in Star Wars Rebels is a hybrid sword with a blaster pistol built into the handle, featuring multiple designs in the Star Wars extended world.

  • Two bladed

In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren wields a two-bladed sabre with two crosshill blades, a distinctive and elegant appearance derived from a cracked Kyber crystal. The Galactic Empire’s inquisitors use a special double-bladed sword mounted on a rotating ring.

  • Lightwhip and variants

The lightsaber has various variants, including the “light whip,” a long, flexible blade similar to a whip, the expanded “nightclub,” and the shorter “shot.” The newest and most sophisticated lightsabers are now available for purchase.

  • Neopixel lightsaber

The neopixel lightsaber, also known as Plecter Pixel Sabres, are advanced, realistic lightsabers with RGB colorss, customisable personalisation, and programmable effects, always brighter in colour.

  • Poffie neopixel

The profile neopixel lightsaber category features horses with professional qualities, tip-glow melting effect, and localised flash-on collision. Free-source programs allow users to modify sound and blade effects, offering numerous opportunities.

  • Eco sabers

Eco sabres are deep slumber, moderately charged, and require activation by holding the switch for 6 seconds. They feature cutting-edge Neopixel technology and realistic features, making them a valuable tool.

  • The standard lightsaber

George Lucas granted Jedi lightsabers, including the everyday blade style, due to their historical significance as ritualistic artefacts and birthright proof. Kylo Ren was shocked to see Anakin’s lightsaber in Rey’s hands, highlighting the importance of Anakin’s lightsaber being passed down to Luke. Even non-Jedis can use lightsabers, but Force users can fully utilise them. Rey’s lightsaber symbolises character development.

  • Dual-phase lightsaber

Darth Vader, a skilled combat master, preferred the rare dual-phase lightsaber design, which includes two kyber crystals. This design allows Vader to adjust the sword’s length with a switch, surprising opponents with different combat tactics. Those with limited Force connection may be particularly vulnerable.

  • Training lightsaber

In the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Younglings practice using training lightsabers, tuned for low intensity and shorter for young children’s hands.


If you’re into Star Wars and you love gaming, you should try out the various lightsabers we have listed above so that you can have the time of your life when bored and have nothing to do. You could also get creative and come up with your customised lightsaber.

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